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Bioshock and Windows 7

Just bought me BioShock from Steam, but running it on Windows 7 gave me some errors. I’ve searched around and the solution for me seemed to be almost too easy to be true, so I’ll share it with you all here. First of all, BioShock wouldn’t start. The splash logo showed, followed by an error […]

Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense (DTD) is a golden oldie that remains to be addictive. It’s a great form of a tower defense game, in which your desktop (not the virtual one…) is flooded by little creatures. And of course, you can’t allow them to reach whatevers on the other side of your desktop, so engage them […]

JavaScript Commodore 64 Emulator

Impressive new project: a JavaScript emulator for the Commodore 64. It’s a port of an ActionScript (Flash) version that can be used as a plugin for the jQuery library. Check it out at You will need a decent computer and a browser that’s not Internet Explorer (because of the use of the canvas tag) […]

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